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Shortcomings aside, without a camera like this, how often would one otherwise get to see the inner workings of daily life in a lodge? The “Beaver Whisperer” website is a cheerful smorgasbord of diverse information and images, some of which are slow to load, but offer good views.The new Freighter Observer's Logbook is now available. Yes, you can order via Paypal on the logbook page!! I am 19 years old and live in Lincoln Nebraska (Go Huskers).Here is a little about my how I came to be naked on the internet!This “Beaver Whisperers” project is jointly produced by CBC TV’s “The Nature of Things” and Eco-Odyssée, a privately-run Quebec nature destination some 30 minutes north of Ottawa.

Welcome to the My Mountain Town I-70 Evergreen to the Eisenhower Tunnel Webcam Page!

Webcam also pans north and south along Main Street.

Web Site: located at Powers' Do-it-Best Hardware on main street.

To learn how to order your log book and track your freighter and other vessel observations, please visit the page on the book. Symbol indicates that the site has been having trouble, has closed, or is down for the winter.

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