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Known as Baby Lisa, the infant was almost a year old when she went missing in early October 2011."There is no such thing as a tip too small," Lisa's mother, Debbie Bradley, told CNN.

During a verbal altercation between members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity outside their respective houses, witnesses reported that a college-aged man stepped onto the second floor landing of the Tau Kappa Epsilon house and pointed what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun towards the members of Pi Kappa Alpha, according to the email.

First, on the so-called new natural law theory and its attempt to think through the relationship between body, freedom, and family.

Although usually taken to be exclusively traditional in its understanding of proper sexual relations, my own publications on the new natural law theory tries to draw out both an intriguing conception of self-constitution and bodily integrity present within the theory and the progressive implications that occur when we take the body to be integral to the free self. If you are interested in joining the Department's Honours program, I have been very pleased to supervise undegraduate honour theses on a very wide range of topics, ranging from ancient and modern political thought to themes within sexual and medical ethics, technology, and the moral challenges of evolutionary biology.


Men, women, relationships (couples & families); addictions (I also work with UAB Hospital's Addiction Recovery Program); trauma; physical pain, depression; anxiety; eating disorders; sex therapy.