Updating slackware 13

If your network address is being set by DHCP, for example your DSL router hands it the address, the it is probably getting the DNS servers to use via DHCP too.

In this case, change the DNS settings on what-ever device is handing out the addresses via DHCP is the better way to go as it means other machines/devices that you plug in will get the right ones too.

Real Time is now also able to boot over PXE on a diskless client.

(@[email protected]) GNOME Slack Build is a complete GNOME Desktop Environment for Slackware Linux, encompassing all the needed packages for a full, clean installation of GNOME for Slackware.

Support is available at To install Adobe Flash Player 10 now, press We want to install Adobe flash player, so press enter to continue.

Adobe Flash Player 10 will be installed system-wide.

"That may not sound all that exciting, but the devil is in the details, and there's a lot of small fixes all over.""The VFIO driver is an IOMMU/device agnostic framework for exposing direct device access to userspace, in a secure, IOMMU protected environment," Red Hat developer Williamson explained.

| | It doesn't contains any source tarballs (as | | being too huge), but all the offical | | Slack Builds used to build GSB, as well as | | slack-desc, slack-requireds, and any patches we | | use.

If you've used Slackware before, you'll find the system feels like home.

"When I did the -rc7 announcement a week ago, I said I might have to do an -rc8, but a week passed, and things have been calm, and I honestly cannot see a major reason to do another rc," Torvalds wrote in a mailing list posting."There haven't been any huge new architectures or filesystems, it's all 'solid progress'," Torvalds said.

TXT' For instructions to upgrade from previous versions of GSB for Slackware, please see the 'UPGRADE. You would still be well advised to backup your machine first if it contains any important data. TXT A list of questions commonly asked about GNOME or the | GSB project. TXT | Packages in GSB that will replace the standard | Slackware packages. | | | `-- source/ Source code for the extra packages.

For details of important changes between GSB 2.32.0 and GSB 3.0, see the 'CHANGES_AND_HINTS. These are some of the important files and directories found on the GSB FTP site: . TXT A list copyrights used by the GNOME Slack Build | project. | |-- gsb/ This directory contains all the | | software you will need for GSB 3.0.