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UNC has been seeded highly for every recent NCAA tournament, made it to the finals just last year and have claimed five national titles.

UNC’s program also boasts a collective 32 NBA championship rings.

Speaking of alumni, past Carolina players include household names like Vince Carter, Anton Jameson, James Worthy and, of course, the GOAT, Michael Jordan.

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I'm among you -- I met my boyfriend Jeremy on Match a year and three months ago (definitely not counting), "matching" thanks to our shared affinity for country music, running, and ill-humored television.

And while I underwent cringe-worthy dates with other dudes prior, I do believe online apps have a knack for at least Except now there's a new app called Happy Couple, which is actually designed to strengthen existing bonds between people in established relationships.

And though I was skeptical, it couldn't hurt to try.

You don’t see a hot chick running Green Lake in yoga pants and think to yourself, Damn, I bet that girl’s name is Paula. If we know anything about this tournament, it’s that a strong frontcourt and the ability to really take it to the rack trumps everything else. And frankly, most women would willingly engage in a lesbian encounter with Swift on any day of the week.

That said, Paula is not a name often associated with hotness. Kate Upton (pictured above, right), on the other hand, is this year’s Swimsuit Edition cover model and has big boobies. Upton, which means she’s not burdened by inherent suckiness. But she’s got much more name recognition than Amber Heard.