Raymond lam dating karena

Allegedly breaking up with Raymond in March, Karena has been spending more time with former Miss Hong Kong Ellen Wong‘s (王愛倫) youngest son, Derek Lim, whom she dated prior to Raymond.Since Derek and Karena are close in age, the two were often seen having dinner and partying at nightclubs.Through Derek, Karena as able to meet a wider group of wealthy second-generation heirs, including her latest beau.Karena and her new mystery man were also seen holding hands and fairly dressed up for a subsequent date.CBS2’s Valerie Castro estimated that about 200 people were gathered across the street from the building on the sidewalk.Unlike Wednesday night, Fifth Avenue remained open.He also revealed he would like to still have the energy to play basketball and soccer with his kids when they turn 10.Actor Raymond Lam(林峯) attended Leo Ku(古巨基) and Lorraine's wedding reception earlier today.

In only 15 minutes, they bought a 2-door refrigerator worth 0k and also a k oven. The reporter at the scene asked if Raymond has proposed to Karena, the two smiled without saying a word.

Both Parties Deny Breakup Currently filming his new series as the legendary Raymond was a lot quieter than usual and often stared longingly at his phone.

However when asked about the recent breakup rumors, both parties denied having gone separate way.

Raymond seems like he's under the spell of Karena and often buys designer products for her.

In recent days, the two are rumored to be getting married soon.