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In recent years luminescence dating, improved radiocarbon dating and cosmogenic isotope dating have provided a sound database from which ice edge positions can be calculated -- but interestingly enough, the old Swedish varve chronology (developed by Dr Geer and others) was not very far out....... The red lines show the retreating ice edge before the Younger Dryas.

The yellow lines show the retreat after 12,700 cal yrs BP.

(eds) Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments.

Now and then I will muse on related Stonehenge topics which have an Ice Age dimension... This is a much more accurate mapping than anything done earlier, and it is what one would expect -- an ice edge running out of steam (if you see what I mean) on undulating terrain, pushing into lowland valleys and held up by hills and ridges.

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The infections, which are spread via skin-to-skin contact during sexual activity or by the exchange of bodily fluids (see box), predominantly affect teenagers and young adults – three-quarters of all reported cases occur in people aged from 15 to 29.Internet dating, improved long-distance travel and pharmaceutical aids for sexual function (such as hormone-replacement and erectile-dysfunction medications) have made it easier for people to start new sexual relationships, regardless of their age.However, older people are often overlooked when it comes to STI prevention, care and treatment services.Note that around 10,200 years ago the remnant of the ice sheet broke into two in the Scandinavian uplands.Around many of the coasts of the Gulf of Bothnia the ice edge was afloat as it retreated, because the land surface was deeply depressed isostatically.