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I do not know anything about them.'Video footage showed them herded into huge pens after restricted border opening hours meant only a few hundred could cross each day, and many died of thirst or untreated injuries.Camel owner, Said Al Hajari said: “It was hard, the camels were exhausted because they did not know which way to go.” Camel owner, Hussein Al-Marri, from Abu Samra, said: “I have returned from Saudi Arabia.I myself saw more than 100 dead camels on the road as well as hundreds of lost camels and sheep.” On the Qatari side of the border, the environment ministry provided shelter, water and food for more than 8,000 camels after the fall-out was announced.More than 9000 camels were expelled in just 36 hours. miles big, used the vast spaces of its neighbour, which is 830,000 sq miles, for grazing its animals.Camel owner, Hussein Al-Marri, from Abu Samra, said: 'I have returned from Saudi Arabia.