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Now that I’m 74, I’ve had a chance to observe a lot in life. She was working with emotions in ways that intrigued me. Start with Your Emotions; Live Life from Inside, Out.I remember when women first joined Corporate America, they took on pant suits and masculine behaviors in order to fit in and develop a sense of power that enabled them to work there. I became aware that after 53 years of adult living, Jan 26, Kim Knight, Bullying: Lifelong Consequences & 3 Steps Out! Most people live their lives from “Outside, In.” We talk about “what happens” to us, what others “do” to us, how others “make us feel.” We get concerned about how we look on the outsid What Role Has Cancer Played in Your Life? Already no slouch, God is Ever-Equal to Our Understanding.Feb 9, Acharya Shunya: Demystifying Ayurveda for Health Lifestyle Wisdom to Optimize Health, Prevent Disease, Develop Vitality. Katie Russell is 22, a recent graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. Years ago, I was introduced to this idea that “God is ever-equal to our understanding.” I came to realize that whatever (or whoever) I believe God is, that’s who God is!In the mid-80’s I traveled in Europe for a few weeks with a friend who was in his 70’s. Dec 15, Arlene Gale: Face Forward, Move Forward Move Past the Pain of Experience by Becoming Non-resistant!Children who are raised Consciously turn out to be Incredible Kids, who become Amazing Adults.Be sure to pick up your free 10-page booklet, Incredible Ways to Communicate That Result in Incredible Kids!It doesn’t have to be so “hard.” This book helps you to be proud of being single, what you can accomplish, and the gift you are to the world. Conscious Dating is a powerful resource, and I encourage all singles to read it, use it – and live life fully!

Below are comments from actual readers like you that purchased this book and were kind enough to provide their feedback and permission to quote them by name. If you want to find the love of your life, and are prepared to do the necessary work, then buy this book.

Are the kids loving and communicative, as you always hoped?

Some children as young as 5 are making a family dinner once a week! Are your policies as a parent so clear that you have no need to repeat yourself?

With a Transpersonal focus, Ilene is a Coach for your life, helping you to understand and work with your emotions, develop tools you haven’t yet learned for a smooth-running life, end co-dependence, easily keep your self-esteem high, and end guilt, anxiety, and worry.

Author of "Exploring Anger with Your Child," and more than 20 books, workbooks and CDs, Ilene’s proprietary materials enable you to “Transform Anger into Enthusiasm,” “End Co-Dependence,” “Parent Consciously,” and “Live a Fear-less Life.” A Professional Member of the National Speakers Association starting in 1984, Ilene has spoken on shipboard, and in China, Australia, Europe and the U. She is creator/host of Internet Radio’s “Full Power Living” (since 2004), with many return guests who respond to her unique hosting style.